DAV, FFCAM (CAF) and CAI clubs are working with us since 2016

We love mountains, forests, and we love to travel. We prefer a tent and a hut in taiga wilderness to noisy cities and popular beach holiday destinations. We value nature and seek to preserve it. We are the same as you, but from Russia! We have our own guaranteed arrivals you can join. You can also choose a tour from our catalog on the site on convenient dates for you. We’ll take care of everything, including logistics, route and equipment rental. We are constantly traveling and continue to discover the wildest and unexplored places of our large country. We are young, and we have a large team of guides across all Russian Federation.
#1 reason to choose us
Sport: we organize participation in international sport competitions in Russia.
Visa support: we will send you an invitation, for your easy applying for a visa.
Geography: we make tours even in most far and inaccessible places of our country.
Reliability: we work on the basis of an agreement as an official tour operator of the Russian Federation (number in the Federal Tourism Agency: RTO 016965).
Dive deep into local cultures of Russia, taste cuisine, have accommodation in local and private family hotels, where it is possible.
Safety: all our routes are registered with the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
Bonuses: in a group of more than 8 participants the organizer goes for free.
Flexibility: we are ready to make a tour especially for you.
Comfort: usually group size is from 4 to 12 people.
Favorable pricing policy: more people in the group makes price less for each participant.
Collaboration: if you have an ambitious tour conception, we would be honored to realize it with you.
Experience: for trained groups, we offer highly qualified guides with international sport achievements.
WWF: routes through the territories of national parks are coordinated with local branches of WWF Russia.