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Altai World Tour

Sightseening Altaian tour with visiting mostly liked highlights of Altai Republic. In 12 days you will see several waterfalls, including highest Uchar waterfall. 4x4 safari to ride distant places of Altai region, immersion into local culture, watching ancient petroglyphs and barrows, crossing Teletskoe lake by motor boat. You will see picturesque landscapes and take a lot of amazing photos, you will drive along the Chuysky tract, hike mountain valleys and visit amazing lakes with pure water, and taste local Altaian cuisine.
  • Activity
  • Culture
  • Comfort
  • Avaliable: June — August
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Group: from 5 people
  • Border permits:
Languages: English
  • Group: 5 pax
  • Total transfer: 850 km
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Hiking about 4-6 hours per day
Day 1
Meeting at the airport. Visiting National Museum of Anokhin. Transfer by van to Chemal Settlement. Highlights of Chemal: chapel on the island of Patmos, suspension bridge over the Katun River, old hydroelectric power station. Night at the Chemal guest houses.
Day 2
GAZ66 4x4 safari (50 km) to Karakolskiye lakes. Hiking (8 km) to higher Karakolskiye lakes.
Day 3
Hiking (15 km) to the Castle of Mountain Spirits (stone remnants) and Bagatash Pass.
Day 4
Transfer by van to the Bison Reserve. Overnight in the village of Chibit on the base.
Day 5
Transfer to the Aktash village along the Chuysky tract. Places on the way: Chicke-Taman Pass, Stone Warriors of Inya village, confluence of Chuya and Katun rivers, Chui-Ooza rock carvings, old Chuysky tract, Shirlak waterfall. Overnight in the Aktash village on the base.
Day 6
Transfer (200 km) along the Chuysky tract. Hiking (5 km) on Altai Mars. Overnight in the Aktash village on the base.
Day 7
Transfer (van: 110km) to the valley of the river Chulyshman. Overnight on the river Chulyshman on the Altai base. Places: Lake of Geyser, Krasnye Vorota, Ulagan Pass, Kidelu Lake, Pazyrykskiye Burial Mounds, Katu-Yaryk Pass.
Day 8
Hiking (6 km) to «Kamennye griby» - rocky units up to 7 metres high on thin roots. This wonder of nature has been formed by soft rock washing away. Night at Kamennye Griby Camping Site belonging to native Altay people.
Day 9
Hiking (17km) to Uchar Waterfall – the highest waterfall at Altay (160m)
Day 10
Transfer (50km) by UAZ 4x4 to Teletskoe lake the second largest lake of Siberia (after Baikal lake). Then passing Teletskoe lake by motor boat (75km) with visiting Korbu Waterfall and «Kamenny zaliv».
Day 11
Hiking (10km) to the observation deck at Teletskoye and Artybash village. Return to Gorno-Altaysk by van (140km). Accommodation at the hotel, closing dinner.
Day 12
Transfer to Gorno-Altaisk Airport.
  • Invitation for a tourist visa
  • English speaking guide
  • All transfers
  • Mountain safari by mountain taxi “GAZ-66” and “UAZ”
  • Motor boat
  • Accommodation
  • 3 meals a day, insurance
  • Russian bath-house
  • Visiting the National museum in Gorno-Altaisk
Not included
  • Flights to Gorno-Altaisk and return tickets
  • Tourist visa
  • Individual equipment (sleeping bag, backpack, trekking boots, hiking poles)
  • Expenses for souvenirs
  • Additional paid services
Price from 1100 €
Options Per (persons / group) Price
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