Winter ethno tour on the Yamal Peninsula

nomadic culture of reindeer herder
tundra snowy beauties
Northern Lights
average temperatures:
-15-20°C in the afternoon,
- 25-30°C in the night
  • Activity
  • Culture
  • Comfort

This winter ethnographic tour will allow you to get to grips with the secrets of the preserved culture of the indigenous people of the Far North in its original form. You will live in a real tepee with a family of nomadic Nenets people, take an active part in  daily rituals and traditional methods of reindeer herding, try dishes usual for nomadic life. Trekking on snowshoes in snowy tundra will give you an additional point of view on different forms of life on the planet Earth. If you are lucky with the weather and the nights are clear, you will be able to observe the Northern Lights.
Due to the uniqueness of the region, the tour program can be little bit changed. Please ask your manager for the exact dates and program.

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Agency commission: 25%
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  • Languages: English German French Italian Spanish Chinese
  • Avaliable: November — April
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Group: from 3 people
  • Border permits: no needed
  • Accomodation: hotel x 3, Nenets tepee x 4
  • City sightseeing
  • Ethno
  • Local cuisine tasting
  • Polar lights watching
  • Reindeer sleds riding
  • Snowshoeing
What's the plan?
Day 1
Flight to Salekhard. Meeting at the Salekhard airport at 9:00. Crossing the Polar Circle ceremony, sightseeing through the city, visiting museums and ethnographical sites.
Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel. Safety briefing with the tour leader. Departure to the camp of Nenets reindeer herders. Arrival at the camp, meeting with the local family. Dinner in the tepee. Introduction into local culture and local cuisine. Overnight in the "chyum" (the nenets "tepee").
Day 3
Tourists will be given the opportunity to take an active part in the daily life of the natives, to learn the basic rules of life in a tepee, learn to rope deer and to handle the harness. Departure to the main herd on snowmobiles or deer sled. Participation in deer catching, sledding, bread-feeding, photography. Playing chess, UNO, cards during the evenings.
Day 4
Familiarity with the way of life of the modern tepee-workers on the Yamal Peninsula. Women have an equally important concern: making a house for the whole family. To make a house means to fabricate, process, and cure in smoke the deers’ skins. Then they sew the nukes - the coating for the tepee. To dress the whole family from top to toe is also a woman’s responsibility. Workshops on dressing skins, bead weaving, sewing and fitting of national clothes; taking pictures.
Day 5
Local activities with lasso, working together with the family. In case of good weather - snow shoes hike. Collecting and preparing woods from tundra, sewing, making photos in local clothes, preparing snow-water for cooking, making souvenirs for relatives and friends with nenets. Nenets activities, watching for Nenets family living and their daily work.aster classes (demonstrations): making poles for chum, sled repairing, firewood gathering, making special natural thread from deer tendon, splitting the ice and others. Options (additional price): Ritual slaughtering deer, tasting raw deer blood with Nenets family, cooking fresh venison.
Day 6
Back to Salekhard by Trekol off-road snow vehicle or using nomadic sleds. Dinner in hotel. Possibility to have a public banya in Salekhard. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 7
Breakfast. Visiting Reindeer herders day in Aksarka or in Salekhard. Lunch in tepee. Folk concerts, reindeer sleds racing, national Nenets games etc. Observing the winter road to Labytnangy built on Ob' river Ice. The sculptural composition Mammoth which is devoted to the ancient inhabitants of the North. Back to Salekhard. Farewell dinner together in one of Salekhard restaurants (Panorama on Fakel bridge or the other one). Alcohol, coffee, tea paid separately by guests. Overnight at the hotel. Pay itention: Reindeer herder's day is celebrated in late March and early April, in February tours, the holiday is replaced by another day in the tundra.
Day 8
Breakfast. Visiting the Gorno-Knyazevsk ethno-complex. Return to Salekhard. Visiting the merchant Terentyev's manor, having lunch with Ivan-Chai from Samovar. Souvenirs can be bought this day in Gornoknyazevsk or in Terent'evs Manor. Transfer to the Salekhard airport. Flight to Moscow / Saint-Petersburg.
Included / Not included
  • invitation for a tourist visa
  • guide (EN, DE, FR)
  • local guides in museums
  • all transfers by comfortable minibus and ATV, UAZ 4x4 "Bukhanka" for the transfer from Salekhard to the "Nomad's pick-up point"
  • accommodation according the program
  • full board (in the Nenets camp local food, national Nenets dishes with family)
  • all sightseeing and museums in Salekhard, Nenets activities, participation in the Reindeer herders day
  • overnight before/after flight to/from Salekhard (via change in Moscow / Saint-Petersburg)
  • group or individual transfer during that change,
  • tourist visa fees
  • gifts for Nenets family
  • flight to Salekhard and return
  • equipment rental
  • additional paid services
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Add options:
ritual slaughtering deer 350-450 € per group (depends on weight and kind doe/calf/adult work reindeer)
visiting public banya (women and men divided) in 7th day 5-7 EUR per pax
single supplement for 3 nights in a hotel 145 EUR / pax
equipment rental sleeping bag - 50 EUR, snowshoes + trekking poles - 55 EUR, sun-protection glasses (mask) - 1 EUR, balaclava - 1 EUR, hand and foot warmer - 5 EUR / 2 pair
1. The concept of the ethnotur is the observation of the real life of the Nenets reindeer herders without strong intervention. So the tour program may vary, the day activities may rearranged due to weather conditions and situation in the Nenets family.

2. Reindeer herders day can happen in different towns in an exact dates. Exact dates of the celevration will be known in Jan, 2021.

3. Pay itention: Reindeer herder's day is celebrated in late March and early April, in February tours, the holiday is replaced by another day in the tundra.

4. The best areas to buy souvenirs are: Gornoknyazevsk and Reindeer Herders day. In airport it is not too big assortment.

5. Upon request equipment rental can be provided by STT. Request for equipment rental should be sent with final booking list minimum 3-4 weeks before the departure.