Trekking to the Black Sea through the Caucasus Mountains

Variety of plants and landscapes
Сanyons, mountains and relic forests
The first tea plantation in Russia
average temperatures:
+25°C in the afternoon,
+10°C in the night
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  • Culture
  • Comfort

This route has an ancient history. In the old days it was a part of the Great Silk Road it used to be the shortest and safest way to the Black sea via the mountains. Trekking with horse accompaniment is the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent views and unique nature of the North-West Caucasus mountains travelling light. Passing the Lago-Naki plateau we will cross the subalpine and alpine climatic zones, tropics and subtropics. Alpine meadows, relic forests and boxwoods have been preserved here in the wild.

from 1550
Agency commission: 20%
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  • Languages: English
  • Avaliable: end of June — end of September
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Group: from 4 people
  • Border permits: included
  • Accomodation: hotel x 5, tents x 6
  • Hiking
  • Local cuisine tasting
  • Trekking
What's the plan?
Day 1
Evening arrival in Krasnodar. Transfer to Kamennomostskiy village.
Day 2
Hiking to Hadzhokhskaya gorge and the Mishoko river gorge. Hiking 12 km, ↑↓ 200 m
Day 3
Hiking to the gorge of the Rufabgo river. Visit Skvoznoy grotto — a pagan cult site of the ancient Adyghes. Hiking 14 km, ↑↓250 m.
Day 4
Transfer from Kamennomostskiy village to Lago-Naki plateau. On the way: visiting the Big Azishskaya Cave. Loading of the gear and basic cargo on the horses. Trekking to Uzurub pass (Instructor‘s pass). The Lago-Naki plateau is famous for its amazing landscapes, relict forests in the river valleys, sinkholes and caves. We will pass through the blooming alpine meadows and enjoy the panoramic views. In the evening we will reach the point having a good view on the Oshten mount (2804 m high). Trekking 10 km, ↑ 250 m
Day 5
Radial route: climbing to the top of Oshten Mount (12 km, ↑ 800 m). Oshten (in Adyghe word “oshyten” has several translations: “eternal snow”, “eternal winter”, “place where hail stucks”). Technically, it is a fairly simple route, but it requires a good physical shape. You won’t need special equipment, only comfortable trekking shoes and warm clothing. The lunch (snacks) is planned in the middle of the route. Trekking to Fisht shelter (8 km, ↑ 130 m, ↓ 600 m).
Day 6
Radial route to Psenodakh Lake. Rest, active games (volleyball, soccer, frisbee). Hiking 14 km, ↑ 600 m, ↓ 250 m
Day 7
Climbing Bolshoy Fisht glacier - the highest point of the Lago-Naki plateau. Mount Fisht is one of the most beautiful and famous peaks in the Western Caucasus. This is the highest point of the Lago-Naki plateau. The foothill of the Fisht mount is located on the height of 1630 meters, and its height is 2867 meters. The word "Fisht" means "White head". It is interesting that Fischt stadium in Sochi, one of the main venues of the XXII winter Olympic games is called after this mountain. Trekking 14 km, ↑↓ 1247 m
Day 8
Route to Malyi Fisht glacier, climbing Khrustalnaya Mount. Passage to Circassian balagans shelter 3 km. At this point there are so-called shepherd's booths, a small settlement of summer cottages built by locals. In summer shepherds live here. Their cows and horses peacefully graze in the meadows between the Circassian and Belorechensky passes and watch the tourists passing by. Trekking 5 km + 3 km, ↑↓ 250 m
Day 9
Passage to Babuk-Aul shelter. In the early afternoon we will ascend a bit and cross the Circassian pass. After a few kilometers, we will do a long and steep descent named "Merry descent" by the tourists. After descending we will cross the Shahke river via the suspension bridge leading to the Babuk-Aul shelter. Trekking 12 km, ↑ 56 m, ↓ 1486 m
Day 10
Route to Solokh-Aul village (20 km hike and by car). Visiting the Museum of Russian Tea. We will see the estate of the early XX century in which the immigrant Judas Antonovich Koshman considered ‘the Father of Russian tea’ lived. Before he settled down here people believed that real tea could be grown only in China, but he dispelled this myth bringing from Georgia a few tea seedlings and planted them in the garden. The tea was called Krasnodar tea and became famous throughout Russia. On a plot near the house over a century afterwards people still harvest this famous tea. Transfer to Sochi. Celebration of the successful completion of the route.
Day 11
Walking along the embankment. Visit to the Sochi arboretum (10 km). Relax on the Black Sea shore. Hiking 10 km
Day 12
Transfer to the airport.
Included / Not included
  • invitation for a tourist visa
  • guide-instructor
  • all transfers
  • accommodation according the program
  • full board besides days in Sochi
  • breakfast and lunch at 10th day
  • breakfast at 11-12th day
  • entrance ticket to the Caucasus Reserve
  • all group equipment rent (tents, fire kit, etc.)
  • horse support (horses carrying main load)
  • visiting the Kamennomostskiy granite canyon, the Big Azishskaya Cave, the Museum of Russian Tea
  • flights to Krasnodar and from Sochi
  • tourist visa
  • individual equipment (sleeping bag, backpack, trekking boots, hiking poles)
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