Hiking tour in the Caucasus Mountains

Caucasus reserve
Endemic plants
Variety of landscapes
average temperatures:
+25°C in the afternoon,
+15°C in the night
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A pleasant, easy tour gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with the nature of the Western Caucasus and visit the Caucasus Nature Reserve. The advantage of the program is comfortable accommodation in a hotel and a shelter on the territory of the Reserve. Adygea –  an amazing land, majestic mountains and rapid waterfalls, blooming plains and rushing rivers, steep cliffs and deep gorges. There are many relics and endemics: it is worth a little deeper into the forest and you will find yourself in a real jungle, surrounded by rhododendrons and ferns. Hiking routes in the mountains are quite easy and suitable for everyone, the daily set of heights is small.
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  • Languages: English German French Italian
  • Avaliable: June — September
  • Duration: 11 days
  • Group: from 7 people
  • Border permits: no needed
  • Accomodation: Hotel/ guesthouse x 8, shelter x 2
  • Hiking
  • Local cuisine tasting
What's the plan?
Day 1
Evening arrival in Krasnodar. Transfer to Kamennomostskiy village.
Day 2
Hiking to Hadzhokhskaya gorge and the Mishoko river gorge. Hadzhokhskaya gorge (Kamennomostskiy granite canyon) is a plot of the Belaya (White) river gorge with a path equipped with walkways, ladders, railings. The length of the gorge is about 400 m. Approaching the bridge which divides the route into two parts you will see the abyss of 6-7 m wide and 35 m deep. Breaking out of the gorge, the river slows down its pace expanding to 50 — 60 m. After that we will hike to Mishoko river gorge. In Circassian "Mishoko" means "Bear valley". Cutting a rocky ridge the Una-Koz river shapes an amazing beauty of the canyon, the height of the cliffs reach 70 meters. Grottos, caves, waterfalls and rock shelters surrounded by chestnut and beech forests makes you feel in a fairy tale. 12 km, ↑↓ 200 m
Day 3
Hiking to the gorge of the Rufabgo river. Unique waterfalls in the gorge of the Bolshoy (Big) Rufabgo river – one of the most popular and beautiful tourist destinations in the Western Caucasus. We will visit four waterfalls and observation decks with a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. In the lower part of its course Rufabgo falls into a deep gorge (ancient tectonic fault) with steep slopes, stone terraces, grottoes and steep rocky corridors up to 150 meters high. The slopes of the gorge are densely covered by the beech forest, the trees and rocks are entwined with garlands of Colchian ivy. Visit to Skvoznoy grotto - a pagan cult site of the ancient Adyghes. 14 km, ↑↓230 m
Day 4
Hiking to the "Devil's finger" rock which is located on the Una-Koz mountain range. It attracts tourists with its unique shape and beautiful scenery, which opens from an altitude of 1021 m above sea level. This rock got its name because of its shape, which resembles two fingers sticking out to the sides or goat horns. The route opens fascinating views: The Lago-Naki plateau with mount Oshten, the top of the mountain Tybga, Acheshbok (Devil's gate), Big and Small Thach and Bambak, the mountains Dzhuga, Chugush and Dzhemaruk, Asbestos, Urushten. 16 km, ↑↓600 m
Day 5
Short transher in the morning. Visit to St. Michael's Athos monastery near Pobeda settlement. Light lunch in monastery. Hiking along Fars River gorge with visiting waterfalls, grottoes and panoramic points. Return to the Kamennomostskiy by van. 8 km, ↑↓400 m
Day 6
Transfer to the Guzeripl settlement. Hiking in the Caucasus Reserve to the Guzeripl Pass (2000 m height). You can enjoy a unique view of mount Fisht, beautiful rocky slopes and amazing views of glaciers from the observation points of this pass. In memory of the fallen soldiers of the Second World War, there is a monument. Return to Kamennomostskiy by van. 12 km, ↑↓ 1250 m
Day 7
Today our route lies in the Aminovsky gorge, upstream of the Aminovka river. This name goes back to the events of the Caucasian war of the 19th century. At that time, the 4-thousandth Circassian army under the leadership of Muhamed Amin held the defense here. Since then, the people have a legend about Amin's gold hidden in these places. Forming picturesque waterfalls, the Aminovka river flows along the bottom of the gorge with a height of rocks up to 60 meters, huge stone piles, mysterious grottoes and caves. Aminevskoe gorge – wild and deserted. We will be surrounded by truly untouched beauty. An attentive traveler can easily find fossilized remains of Ammonites – ancient mollusks on the shore. Giant beeches and chestnuts covered with Colchian ivy rise along the banks. We will meet thickets of Pontic rhododendron and fern. Few tourists know that rhododendron, fern, berry yew and Colchis ivy, which grow abundantly in the gorge, are relict and endemic plants that miraculously survived here after the Ice age. 14 km, ↑↓200 m
Day 8
Transfer to Lago-Naki plateau (Caucasus Reserve territory). Hiking to the Fisht shelter. The Lago-Naki plateau is famous for its amazing landscapes, relict forests in the river valleys, sinkholes and caves. We will pass through the blooming alpine meadows and enjoy the panoramic views. Mount Fisht is one of the most beautiful peaks in the Western Caucasus. This is the highest point of the Lago-Naki plateau. The foothill of the Fisht mount is located on the height of 1630 meters, and its height is 2867 meters. The word "Fisht" means "White head". It is interesting that Fischt stadium in Sochi, one of the main venues of the XXII winter Olympic games is called after this mountain. Night in the shelter. 18 km, ↑↓300 m
Day 9
Radial route to Malyi Fisht glacier which is located on the South-Eastern slope of mount Fisht. This is one of the lowest glaciers in the Caucasus (falls to the level of 1980 m above sea level). Viewing waterfalls. Return to the shelter. Free time. 7 km, ↑↓400 m
Day 10
Back route along Lago-Naki plateau. Viewing the Oshten Mount on the route (2804 m). Oshten (in Adyghe word “oshyten” has several translations: “eternal snow”, “eternal winter”, “place where hail stucks”). Transfer to Kamennomostskiy village. Visiting the Big Azishskaya Cave - on the way. Dinner in national style cafe. 18 km, ↓ 200 m
Day 11
Trip to Mezmay. Hiking to Orlinye Rocks and to Guam Range, hikes along Guam Gorge. Transfer to Krasnodar (to the airport or to the hotel). Night in hotel before flight is possible for extra pay. 10 km, ↑↓ 200 m
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  • invitation for a tourist visa
  • english-speaking guide-instructor
  • all transfers
  • accommodation at the hotel
  • full board
  • entrance ticket to the Caucasus Reserve
  • visiting the Kamennomostskiy granite canyon, the Big Azishskaya Cave, St. Michael's Athos monastery
  • flight to Krasnodar and return ticket
  • tourist visa fee
  • individual equipment
  • souvenirs and tips
  • additional paid services