Climb Elbrus from the North

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average temperatures:
-°C in the afternoon,
-°C in the night
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This program of climbing Elbrus from the North is designed for those who want to challenge themselves. The difficulty of the ascent is due to the longer approach to the base camp and the lack of a cable car and snowcat in contrast to the ascent from the South. But at the same time there are more comfortable conditions for accommodation and food than when using tents. As well as a good acclimatization program and reserve days will greatly increase the chances of climbing to the Eastern Summit of Elbrus (5621m).


- More challenging ascension to Elbrus

- Eastern Summit of Elbrus (5621m)

- A route of the expedition led by General Emmanuel.

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Agency commission: 5%
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  • Languages: English German French
  • Avaliable: end of June — middle of August
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Group: from 4 people
  • Border permits: no needed
  • Accomodation: Trekking time: from 4 to 12 hours per day Accommodation: hotel, mountain huts Flight to: Mineralnye vody
What's the plan?
Day 1
Meeting at the airport in Mineralnye Vody. Transfer to Dzhily-Su, then inspecting outfit, trekking to the first camp in Emmanuel Meadow with the outfit. The camp is situated 2 500 above the sea level. Safety instructions, check whether all outfit is available, group meeting.
Day 2
Breakfast. Acclimatization outing and carrying some part of the food to 3500m. Outfit alteration. Return to 2500 m.
Day 3
Breakfast. Breaking up the camp and trekking to the base camp situated at 3800 m.
Day 4
Acclimatization outing in ligaments to Lents Rocks, 4600 m. Ice training. Return to the base camp situated at 3800 m.
Day 5
Reserve day, rest, attempt to climb at 23-00 (night).
Day 6
Attempt to climb in ligaments to the Eastern peak of Elbrus 5621 m. Angle of ascent up to 25 degrees. Taking photos at the summit 30 minutes. Approximate time for climbing - up to 12 hours. Average speed - up to 1 km/h. Descent in ligaments to the base camp situated at 3800 m – up to 5 hours.
Day 7
Reserve day.
Day 8
Reserve day.
Day 9
Descent to Emmanuel Meadow. Banya (russian bath). Celebration!
Day 10
Trekking to Dzhily-Su. Transfer to Kislovodsk or Mineralnye Vody. Booking tickets is possible from 15 – 00. Departure from the airport of Mineralnye Vody or the Kislovodsk railway station. In the event of an early descent (if no reserved days are used): The program will be completed by radial outings to waterfalls, Narzan springs. Rest in Kislovodsk, sightseeing, walks.
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