Trekking: The Rock Pillars Of Krasnoyarsk Stolby & Ergaki (Sayan Mountains)

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Easy accessibility and amazing beauty of the pillar stones made the subcultural devision “stolbism” in Krasnoyarsk (from “stolby” - the russian world for pillar stones) a mass phenomenon. Krasnoyarsk sanctuary “Stolby” has its own special culture. For more than 150 years the so-called stolbists (pillar stone climbers) have been spending time in this national park, climbing the unusual rocks. Ergaki is the pearl of the Western Sayan. Granite monoliths of bizarre shapes towering hundreds of meters above Siberian forests and beautiful taiga lakes.
from 1490
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  • Languages: English
  • Avaliable: July — August
  • Duration: 13 days
  • Group: from 6 people
  • Border permits: a special pass to enter the frontier zone shall be made up to 30 days before the trip
  • Accomodation:
  • Accommodation: guesthouse for 6 people, WC outside in the nature reserse - 3 days, tourist base, room for 3-5 person - 1 nights, tents -7 nights, hotel with DBL / TWIN rooms - 1 nights
  • Total transfer: 1347 km
  • Duration: 13 days
  • Group: 6 pax
  • Оptions: single accommodation, extra bath, excursions in Moscow and Krasnoyarsk
What's the plan?
Day 1
Arrival in Krasnoyarsk. Transfer to the Pillars National Park. Walk along the eco trail.
Day 2
Trekking in the Pillars National Park. Today you will see legendary rocks: Slonenok, First Pillar, Babushka and Vnuchka, Ded, Lion's Gate, Perja. Each rock is magnificent in its own way: the Slonenok and the majestic Ded and the largest in the world Perja of a stone bird. Accommodation in the nature reserve. Russian bath-house (sauna).
Day 3
Trekking to Takmak. This group of rocks, stretching from north to south, is the most powerful, massive outcrop of syenite throughout the nature reserve. Accommodation in the nature reserve. Russian bath-house (sauna).
Day 4
Transfer Krasnoyarsk - Khakassia (swimming in salt and mud lakes) - Ergaki. Accommodation at the base "Zvezdnij". Russian bath-house (sauna). *You can leave some unnecessary things on the base.
Day 5
Trekking to Karovoe Lake, where we will make the camping. Nota bene: group equipment, food will be moved by sherpas (helpers).
Day 6
Today our goal is Lake Artists. By the middle of the day we’ll climb the pass of the same name and take a walk to the Hanging Stone and Oreshek cliff. At the end of the day we will camp on the shore of a picturesque lake with a view of Parabola. Nota bene: group equipment, food will be moved by sherpas (helpers).
Day 7
In the next three days we will walk around the neighborhood. Let's start with the Dragon Tooth. This is a freestanding rock with a height of 2176 meters. It stands out from the general mountainous terrain and has recognizable forms.
Day 8
Today we are resting. Take a leisurely walk around Lake Artists. We will swim in the malachite bathtubs and explore a large cascading waterfall.
Day 9
On this day we will rise to the lake of Mountain Spirits. We make a lunch here and relax. The lake is closed by a mountain range from prying eyes.
Day 10
In the morning we will go up to the Pass Pticha to a height of 2097 meters. At the end of the day we will go down to the Svetloye lake and set up camp. Russian bath-house (sauna).
Day 11
This day is for reserve. We can spend it earlier, waiting for the weather on the Lake of Artists or use it for a radial walk from the Svetloye lakes towards the peaks of Gamma (2018 meter) and Dinosaur (2221 meter).
Day 12
We go down the path along the Tushkanchik river to base "Zvezdnij". Transfer to Krasnoyarsk. Evening after party in Krasnoyarsk.
Day 13
Departure home.
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