Altai Horseback Riding Tour

Horseback riding tour to the place of power - famous mount Belukha (4509 m), which is the highest point of the Altai Mountains. The trekking route passes through the real taiga which is gradually replaced by the stunning beauty of the alpine meadows. You will visit the global value objects such as Akkem Lake and the Valley of the Seven Lakes, climb up to the Kara-Turek pass 3050 m high. And, most importantly, you will see the legendary shrine of the world – mount Belukha which is included in the UNESCO world heritage list in all its glory.

  • Activity
  • Culture
  • Comfort
  • Avaliable: June-August
  • Duration: 13 days
  • Group: from 4 people
  • Border permits: a special pass to enter the frontier zone shall be made up to 60 days before the trip.
Languages: English German French Italian
  • flight to / from Gorno-Altaisk
Day 1
Departure from Germany to Russia (Moscow). Changing flight in Moscow to the flight for Barnaul.
Day 2
Meeting at the Barnaul airport (about 7 am). Breakfast. Transfer to Gorno-Altaisk. On the way: visiting the Biysk museum (Museum «The Chuysk road»). Lunch at the cafe. Overnight at the hotel in Gorno-Altaisk.
Day 3
Visiting the National Museum n.a. Anokhin A. V., keeping unique collection on the history and culture of the Altay Mountains of XVII - XX centuries, samples of flora and fauna. Transfer to the Tyungur village. Lunch at the cafe on the way. Accommodation at the national style guesthouse. Traditional Altai dishes welcome dinner. Russian bath-house to relax and unwind from the road.
Day 4
Morning: trip arrangements. Packing the backpacks. Detailed briefing. Getting ready to move on the route. Meeting the horses and familiarization with horseback riding rules. Extra stuff that is not needed on the route can be left in the luggage room (extra charge). Day: the Kuzuyak pass crossover (1513 m). The pass is not difficult, but it is smooth and long climbing/descending below the forest boundary. Evening: setting up at Akkem river campsite, rest and dinner.
Day 5
This day we will be able to feast eyes on the Belukha site from a very good angle. At the staging post we will enjoy the view of the mountains and make stunning photos with horses against the mountain chain. We will continue our way after a snack. The trail slightly ascends along the Oroktoy creek. The endpoint is Tukhman campsite protected from the wind by the steep slope with comfortable area for placing the tents, fire-pit and water from the creek.
Day 6
This day a large distance to the Guldyayry lake (2150 m) will be covered. The route traverse passes picturesque slopes of the ridge partially entering into the territory of Saylyugemskiy national park of federal significance. You will see some astonishing alpine meadows, panorama of the Katun ridge, bizarre outcrops, cliffs, resembling the ruins of old fortifications. There will be no sharp elevation changes in this area, the average height is 2100 m.
Day 7
This day after a short climb the route shall pass by beautiful rock formations that we call "Castles of the spirits". They were formed by erosion. Then down the gorge we will get to the staging post with a creek along which will make the two-hour hiking to a stunning Tekelyu waterfall (optionally). You will see the second highest waterfall in the Altai (the water drop height is 60 meters). In the Altai language Tekelyu means "the place where the tekes - the mountain goats live". At the end of the day, we will reach the main destination point - Akkem lake at the Belukha piedmont. Accommodation in tents near the mountain’s campsite. Russian banya. Dinner.
Day 8
Today we will focus on the radial outputs (optionally, if the group wish) - hiking around most beautiful areas of Belukha and returning back to the camp the same day. One place at the choice of the guide depending on the weather and the group conditions: Valley of the Seven Lakes, Yarlu Valley, Climbers Chapel, Lake of Spitits. In the campsite near our camp it is possible to order the banya (extra charge). Dinner.
Day 9
This day we will crossover the 1A height category pass called Kara-Turek (3060 m), which is translated from the Altai as the "Black Heart". The viewpoint at the pass offers a breathtaking 360 panorama. You will see two picturesque valleys of the Akkem and Kucherla rivers on either sides of the pass, and of course the Belukha! Then we will descend to the Kucherla emerald river of the Ozek-Ore tract with beautiful camping where you can enjoy the bath-house and stay for the night.
Day 10
Moving downstream of the Kucherla river with a stopover near the Kuylyu grotto where you will see rock paintings of ancient people of the stone age. In the evening we will return to the camp in Tungur, where you will enjoy the bath-house and a farewell dinner with national dishes of the Altai cuisine.
Day 11
Transfer to Gorno-Altaisk. Lunch on the way. We will have the opportunity to stay on the Seminsky pass and buy unique Siberian souvenirs. Hotel accommodation in Gorno-Altaisk. Dinner.
Day 12
Transfer to Barnaul. On the way, we will have an apportunity to make a stop in Srostki village. This is the birthplace of the famous Russian writer Vasiliy Shukshin. Walking to Picket Mount near the village with beautiful panorama of the Katun River and foothills of Altai. Farewell to the Altai Mountains. Arrive to Barnaul. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 13
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Departure to Moscow.
  • Invitation for a tourist visa
  • English/German speaking Guide
  • Meeting at the Barnaul Airport
  • All inner transfers + transfer to Barnaul Airport at the end of the tour
  • Accommodation
  • 3 meals a day
  • 2 national style dinners in Tungur
  • Tableware rental
  • Entrance ticket to Sailugemskiy National Park
  • Rent of the group equipment for travel (gas stove, cooking necessaries, fire kit, etc.)
  • Russian bath-house (sauna)
  • Horse rental and special bags for transporting load on horses
  • Accompanying by the horse holder along the route
  • Visiting the Biysk museum
  • Visiting National museum in Gorno-Altaisk
Not included
  • Flights to Barnaul and return tickets
  • Tourist visa fees
  • Individual equipment (sleeping bag, backpack)
  • Single accommodation in tent and in hotels (193 EUR extra, upon request)
  • Dinner in Barnaul
  • Souvenirs
  • Tips
Price from 2338
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Altai Horseback Riding Tour
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