Southern Ural

Snowshoe and hiking tour in Southern Ural Mountains

Winter tour to the reserve of the ancient Ural Mountains will give you an unforgettable experience with maximum comfort. Frosty mountain air, fabulous scenery of the winter taiga, climbing the sacred Iremel mountain. Accommodation in warm houses with a stove. An advantage of the trek that it is universal, we can travel on snowshoe and by foot.

Departures in winter 2020-2021:
19.12.20 - 27.12.20: english/french speaking guide
23.01.21 - 31.01.21: english/german speaking guide
  • Activity
  • Culture
  • Comfort
  • Avaliable: December - March
  • Duration: 9 days
  • Group: from 5 people
  • Border permits: -
Languages: English German French
  • Accommodation: Wooden houses, tourist base in Tyulyuk village, hotel 3* in Chelyabinsk
  • Flight to: Chelyabinsk
Day 1
Flight from Moscow to Chelyabinsk. Meeting the group at the airport. Transfer to Zlatoust. Optionally (extra pay) lunch on the way, if the day flight. Accommodation at the “Central Estate” of the National Park "Taganay". Dinner. Russian bath (upon wish).
Day 2
Start of the route. Passage to the "Belyi Kliuch" shelter. Radial route: climbing the mountain “Dvuglavaya Sopka” (1034 m). Snack lunch after descent. Passage to the “Gremuchyi Kliuch” shelter. Accommodation in houses. Dinner. Russian bath.
Day 3
Snowshoe passage along the upper path to the Kruglitsa mountain past the Otkliknoy Greben’ (1155 m). A small stop and a photo session overlooking the rocks. Optionally (depending on the group fitness status and weather): Climbing the Kruglitsa mountain (1178 m). After we descend to the tourist shelter "Taganay". Accommodation in a house with a stove. Dinner. Russian bath. The Otkliknoy Grebeny mountain received its name due to its characteristic comb-shaped outlines and a loud, multiple echo, arising from the reflection of sound from an almost vertical rocky wall. There is a folk legend about the origin of the echo. Many years ago a cruel beast lived in a cave at the foot of the Taganay ridge - the owner of the mountain, devouring all the travelers, both travelling on foot and on horse, without distinction. But one day a holy pilgrim passing by the mountain turned to God with a prayer for the annihilation of the monster. The Lord heard the old man's prayer and killed the beast with a stone block, leaving his voice for edification to people, so that they respect this mountain and protect the reserved nature of Taganay. If the weather is good and the group is ready, we’re going to make climbing the Kruglitsa mountain (1178 m) - the central peak of the Big Taganay ridge, the highest point of the entire Taganay mountain massif. For its resemblance to a Turkic headdress the top of Kruglitsa is called the "Bashkir hat". It is interesting that the atmospheric pressure value at the height of Kruglitsa is 100 mm lower than the one above-sea level, and at this altitude water begins to boil at 96°C.
Day 4
Snowshoe passage to Dalniy Taganay. This is the most northern point and the most extensive peak of the Big Taganay Range, which is a part of the South Ural mountains system. Its height is 1146 meters above sea level. Visiting Dalniy Taganay will become the highlight of your journey through the original nature of the Taganay National Park. You will see amazing landscapes of the alpine relict tundra. Russian tourists call this route "A visit to the eternal wind". One of the main features of Dalniy Taganay is very strong winds. The wind speed at the top can reach 40 m/s. In the period from 1932 to 2005, the meteorological station "Taganay-mountain" worked at the top of the mountain. It was the highest-mountain weather station in the Urals. Dinner. Staying overnight at a tourist shelter of the meteorological station. NB: Snowmobile delivery of the luggage to the meteorological station is not provided due to difficulty of the route. We leave our main luggage at the Taganay shelter for storage. Next we have to move with extremely light and compact backpacks. Therefore we take a minimum of things with us for 1 overnight at the meteorological station shelter (sleeping bag, dry clothes to change, light shoes for house, warm clothes for sleeping, hygiene kit, meal for dinner and for breakfast).
Day 5
Early morning we are going down to the Taganay shelter. If the group wishes, we make a radial hike to the Itsyl Mount (1068 m height). Then we start our route back along the lower trail. The road is quite easy, because we’re going to descend down the good path. We’re going to make a stop for rest and overnight at the Taganay shelter. Dinner. Russian bath.
Day 6
Last part of the way, we go down to the Taganay "Central Estate”. Lunch. The minibus takes us from the Taganay main check-point. Move to the village Tyulyuk which is located in the Chelyabinsk region - the tourist center of this area. The name comes from the Turkic name Tulyak, which means "long-awaited" in Bashkir, probably the name of the head of the Bashkir family which roamed in this area, or from the old Bashkir "tuluk" - shelter, house. Tyulyuk is surrounded by natural attractions: the Iremel nature Park, the Bolshoy and Maly Iremel mountains, the Zigalga, Nurgush and Bakty ranges, the Larkino gorge, the Yuryuzan and Tyulyuk mountain rivers. The trekking routes to the second highest peak of the Southern Urals - Mount Big Iremel (1582 m) begin from here. The village was founded in the second half of the XVIII century by mining farmers. Now the village has a population of about 200 people. Accommodation at the tourist base. Dinner. Rest.
Day 7
Optionally, depending on the group wish and fitness status: climbing the Big Iremel Mount. Today is an important day – we are going to climb Mount Big Iremel, which is considered a sacred mountain among Bashkirs and was previously closed to ordinary tourists. Today Iremel attracts not only tourists, but also esotericists and amateurs of riddles. It is believed that this place is a place of power. By the significance some even compare it to the Kailas Mountains in Tibet or Belukha in the Altai. The name of the mountain is very ancient. Usually it is interpreted as a combination of Bashkir and Mongolian words: ir - "man", "hero" and emel - "saddle", "saddle", i.e. "saddle of the hero". The trip on the snowmobile from the base to the Iremel Nature Park check-point is about 7 km (40 min - 1 hour), the hiking route after is 8 km (+ 8 km return route down). When the weather is fair Iremel offers stunning views of many tens of kilometers. You can see mountains and ridges of Avalak, Bakty, Yamantau, Zigalga, Nurgush and many others. Return to the base. Dinner. Russian bath.
Day 8
Meeting with the local peasant family in the morning. Walking through the Tyulyuk village, talking with locals. Visit to "Matreshka" home ethno museum, which includes 3 small expositions: "Rural life", "Hello, XX century!" and "History of matryoshka dolls". Lunch or hot tea with mountain herbs, traditional "pirozhki" (Russian little pies) cooked by Russian stove with the local family. Transfer to Chelyabinsk. Check in at the hotel. Evening walk in the city. Farewell dinner at the Russian restaurant.
Day 9
Breakfast. Free time for visiting the Ural Museum and buying some souvenirs (depends on the flight time). Transfer to the Chelyabinsk airport. Departure to Moscow. Departure home with evening flight or overnight in Moscow (not included in the price).
  • Invitation for a tourist visa
  • English/German/French speaking guide
  • All transfers
  • Dropping of equipment by a snowmobile
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Entrance tickets to the reserves
  • Luggage storage at the Taganay Shelter 2 days
  • All group equipment rent
  • Snowshoes + trekking poles rent
  • Russian bath-house (sauna) - 5 times
  • Snowmobile transfer to the Iremel check-point and return way
  • Ethno program with locals in Tyulyuk village
Not included
  • Flights to Chelyabinsk and return tickets
  • Tourist visa
  • Individual equipment (backpack, sleeping bag, etc)
  • Single accommodation
  • Expenses for souvenirs
  • Additional paid services
Price from 1250
Options Per (persons / group) Price
Single supplement (1 night in Chelyabinsk) per pax 39 EUR
Additional sauna per person for request
Chelyabinsk and Moscow city tours per person for request
Accomodation in Moscow per night for request
Sleeping bag rent per tour 50 EUR
Snowshoe and hiking tour in Southern Ural Mountains
19/12/2020 - 27/12/2020
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23/01/2021 - 31/01/2021
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