Svoya Tropa is partner №1 in Russia for travel advisors from all the World

We are the leading adventure travel company in Russia. Working as DMC since 2016 we’ve spread our assortment and promoted our products in many markets. Our assortment includes all the popular Russian destinations as well as wild and remote attractions of Siberia and of Russian Polar North. Our audiences are various. Mostly they like to stay active to discover and to find their unique way. In our catalog you will find tourism products for all customer’s profiles who decided to travel to Russia.
#1 reason to choose us
Content: we operate tours full of cultural experiences, connecting with locals.
Cultural immersion: we use accommodation provided by locals and book family-operated hotels to introduce our guests into a real life.
Celebrities: we are hosting top starts and travel market influencers.
Professionalism: the main part of our business are ground services such as guides, transfers, hotels, excursions and other experiences.
Flexibility: we are also able to book domestic flights and railway tickets as well, even they are not available in international booking systems.
Visa support: We provide vouchers and invitations to make guests able to apply for Russian visa.
Geography: we provide high quality tourism services even in remote areas of Russian wilderness.
Commission: all the offers on our website include agency commission. It’s mentioned in each tour and usually counts 20% from price shown.
Usability: you are able to book guaranteed departures or to request special dates for your customers.
Small group matter: the most of the tours can be organized for 2 pax as well.
Pricing: We offer profitable prices for small groups to guarantee departure as earlier as possible.
  • We are not agents, we operate by ourselves
  • We are officially registered tour operated of Russian Federation
  • We work with tour operators and tourism clubs Worldwide
  • We are an ASTA member